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SVR Family Law was nominated as an outstanding legal service provider

SVR Family Law was nominated as an outstanding legal service provider by Calgary Community Votes 2021, and we are excited to announce that we ranked gold! Thank you, Calgary.

Stacey Lee on The Vow with Tanya Eklund

Calgary Business Podcast Featuring Abram Averbach & Stacey Lee

A Woman A Day Feature – Stacey Lee

Stacey Lee is a partner at @svrfamilylaw. She was nominated by her fellow partner Breanne Campbell (@leavemebre) who tells us about this incredibly inspiring woman.

Full Post here.

Abram Averbach on CTV News:
Divorce Disagreements & Vaccinations.

Watch the full video here.

Stacey Lee Discuses How COVID-19 Vaccine Approval for Young People Could Cause Conflict for Divorced Parents on Global News.

“Our advice is always to divorced and separated parents to keep the lines of communication as open as possible,” said Lee, “to try to keep the children’s interests at the forefront.” Read More.

Abram Averbach on Global News:
Canada’s federal Divorce Act Amended and Modernized.

Family lawyer Abram Averbach joins Global News Morning live via Skype with details on how amendments to the federal Divorce Act will affect families. Listen here

The Morning News with Sue Deyell & Andrew Schultz: Changes to the Federal Divorce Act with Abram Averbach.

Changes are coming to the Federal Divorce Act beginning in March. Sue Deyell & Andrew Schultz cover details on these changes – and their significance – from Calgary-based Family Law Lawyer, Abram Averbach. Listen here

CHQR Radio Interview with Stacey Lee: Co-parenting during Covid-19 and the holidays

On December 10th on CHQR radio Partner, Stacey Lee discussed how new COVID-19 regulations had divorced or separated families wondering how to co-parent during the holiday season. Stacey, along with host Sue Deyell, shared tips for navigating the top issues for divorced families during the holidays. Listen here

2020 Virtual Pride Parade Entry

SVR Family Lawyers partnered with the Canadian Bar Association and other Calgary Family law lawyers to participate in the 2020 Virtual Pride Parade.

March 2020 Legal Education Society of Alberta

Stacey Lee and Abram Averbach, along with the Honourable Justice Graesser and Andy Hayher of Vogel LLP, presented at the Legal Education Society of Alberta’s “Family Law Trial Fundamentals” seminar in Edmonton, Alberta on March 11, 2020.

Stacey Lee featured in My Business Magazine

“The ability to make a difference at a human level became even more important to me after I had a family of my own. Today, I exclusively practice Family Law.” Read more

New Alberta Law – unwed parents to share financial burden of disabled adult children

In this CBC article, SVR Family Law Partner Janet Russel explains this important case. “While this doesn’t guarantee that all disabled adults are eligible for continued financial support through their parents, it does bring common-law partners under the same rules that divorced parents face.” Read more