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Family law lawyers must always consider the best interests of the child or children at the center of a parenting dispute, regardless of their client’s perspective. 

Parental Alienation occurs when one parent (the alienating parent) takes steps to manipulate a child to reject the other parent (the alienated parent) and the child eventually becomes estranged from the alienated parent. Children naturally seek to connect with their parents.  When a parent is completely rejected by a child over time for no identifiable or justifiable reason, this is a significant red flag that can suggest alienation.

When there is conflict between separated parents, children react in a variety of ways that are influenced by what they see and hear (external influences), the children’s natural temperaments, the family dynamic as a whole and numerous other factors. 

In high conflict matters where there is suspected parental alienation it can be difficult to identify solutions to the issues arising from the relationship breakdown. Sometimes counselling for the parents is the best solution, sometimes the children benefit from counselling support and sometimes the family as a whole can benefit from therapy.

Parental alienation is defined by some as as a form of child abuse. It will often need an professional psychological assessment of the family to be clearly identified. The psychological damage that can be done to children as a result of parental alienation can have lifelong impacts.

The following article describes the effect of parental alienation:

The Family Law Lawyers at SVR Family Lawyers are experienced in matters involving parental alienation and work closely with psychologists and other experts in the community to try to proactively address and resolve these types of issues as quickly as possible.  For more information on parental alienation please do not hesitate to reach out to any member of the SVR Family law team.

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